Non-stop Dual Bike Ride In Tamilnadu State & Completed 1818 Kms In 23 Hours 40 Minutes


Riding side by side, R. Satish and A. Andrew Michael maintained a relentless pace, showing incredible resilience as they faced physical and mental challenges along the way. The Honda CBR250R and Mahindra Mojo 300 proved to be reliable companions, helping them cover the extensive distance with remarkable efficiency.

The crowning moment of their endeavor came as they crossed the finish line, greeted by cheers and a sense of accomplishment that could be felt in the air. Their achievement resonated far beyond the boundaries of Tamil Nadu, inspiring aspiring riders and adventure enthusiasts worldwide to push their limits and strive for greatness.

R. Satish and A. Andrew Michael’s remarkable achievement has not only earned them a spot in the pantheon of record holders but also showcased the power of determination, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of one’s goals. Their accomplishment has been duly recognized and documented by Kalams World Records, an organization renowned for honoring extraordinary achievements.

As the sun set on July 18, 2023, the world celebrated the extraordinary journey undertaken by these two individuals. Their non-stop dual bike ride covering 1818 kilometers stands as a testament to the human spirit’s ability to transcend boundaries and achieve the extraordinary. This achievement will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of adventurers and explorers to strive for greatness.

Dynamic Duo from Chennai Sets New World Record with 1818 Km Non-Stop Dual Bike Ride

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, July 18, 2023 – In a spectacular display of endurance, skill, and determination, R. Satish and A. Andrew Michael, both hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, have etched their names in the global record books by achieving an awe-inspiring non-stop dual bike ride, covering an impressive distance of 1818 kilometers in just 23 hours and 40 minutes. Their remarkable feat has been officially recognized and registered by Kalams World Records, marking a significant milestone in the world of long-distance biking.

Born on June 4, 1992, and January 5, 1992, respectively, R. Satish and A. Andrew Michael embarked on this audacious journey with a shared passion for biking and an unwavering determination to challenge themselves. Armed with their trusty motorcycles, a Honda CBR250R and a Mahindra Mojo 300 (bearing the registration TN85T0668), they set out to redefine what was possible in the realm of non-stop riding.

The extraordinary journey commenced on the morning of July 18, 2023, as the duo bid farewell to their hometown, Chennai. Over the course of their ride, they traversed a diverse range of landscapes, navigating through bustling urban streets and serene countryside roads. The tandem’s seamless coordination and unwavering focus allowed them to conquer a variety of terrains with finesse and precision.