born on 16-02-2015 from Virugambakkam Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. She has created a new world record by Reciting Vedhas-Ganapati Prarthana, Narayana Upanisad, Sivopasana Mantras, Ksama Prarthana, Mantra Pushpam, 24 Samyutha Hastas in 27 seconds & 28 Asamyuta Hastas in 24 seconds, flags of 50 Countries, Answering 100+ GK questions, Names of English & Tamil months, Planets, Continents, Oceans, Seasons, Days of a Week, Parts of a tree, Singing Indian National Anthem & Reciting the Indian States, Union Territories with Capitals, Solving 2×2 & 3×3 Rubik Cubes. She set a new world record dated on 18-05-2021. This achievement is registered in Kalam’s World Records.