Mirror Writing Of Tamil Thiruvasagam (Sivapuranam Part) In The Least Time


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? Born on June 8, 1999, in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India, meet the extraordinary talent, Kubendhiran P! ?? From this humble town, he has soared to global fame with an incredible achievement that has left everyone in awe!

? New World Record in Mirror Writing! ? Kubendhiran has etched his name in history by creating a new world record for the Mirror Writing of Tamil Thiruvasagam (Sivapuranam Part) in an astonishing 36 minutes and 22 seconds! ?? The Thiruvasagam, a revered masterpiece of Tamil literature, is no easy feat to mirror-write, but Kubendhiran has proven that he is a true master of this rare skill!

? Registered in Kalams World Records! ? On July 18, 2023, the world witnessed Kubendhiran’s unparalleled talent being officially recognized and registered in the prestigious Kalams World Records! ?️? His name now stands among the greatest achievers in history!

? Preserving Tamil Heritage! ? Kubendhiran’s dedication to preserving the cultural heritage of Tamilnadu has earned him admiration and praise from all corners of the globe! ? His passion for Tamil Thiruvasagam and his unique ability to mirror-write it beautifully showcase the beauty and richness of the Tamil language and its ancient literature!