Mirror Writing Of Tamil Thiruvasagam (Sivapuranam Part) In The Least Time


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Breaking News: Record-Breaker Kubendhiran P Amazes the World! 🌟

📅 Born on June 8, 1999, in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India, meet the extraordinary talent, Kubendhiran P! 🇮🇳 From this humble town, he has soared to global fame with an incredible achievement that has left everyone in awe!

🏆 New World Record in Mirror Writing! 🏆 Kubendhiran has etched his name in history by creating a new world record for the Mirror Writing of Tamil Thiruvasagam (Sivapuranam Part) in an astonishing 36 minutes and 22 seconds! 🎉🙌 The Thiruvasagam, a revered masterpiece of Tamil literature, is no easy feat to mirror-write, but Kubendhiran has proven that he is a true master of this rare skill!

🌍 Registered in Kalams World Records! 🌍 On July 18, 2023, the world witnessed Kubendhiran’s unparalleled talent being officially recognized and registered in the prestigious Kalams World Records! 🗓️🏅 His name now stands among the greatest achievers in history!

📜 Preserving Tamil Heritage! 📜 Kubendhiran’s dedication to preserving the cultural heritage of Tamilnadu has earned him admiration and praise from all corners of the globe! 🌟 His passion for Tamil Thiruvasagam and his unique ability to mirror-write it beautifully showcase the beauty and richness of the Tamil language and its ancient literature!