Maximum Number of Face Bridal Make-up in the Least Time


Breaking Beauty Boundaries! ?
Title: Tamil Nadu’s J. Kalaiselvi Leads Remarkable World Record: 150+ Members Complete Most Face Bridal Make-up in 20 Minutes
? J. Kalaiselvi, President of Tamilnadu’s Beauticians Educational Welfare Association, has orchestrated an unbelievable feat that’s making waves in the beauty world. ?

In a dazzling display of talent, teamwork, and record-breaking spirit, J. Kalaiselvi, President of the Tamilnadu Beauticians Educational Welfare Association, orchestrated a truly remarkable achievement. On August 8, 2023, history was made as a group of over 150 members came together under the banner of the Beauticians Educational Welfare Association to complete a monumental world record attempt: the maximum number of face bridal make-ups in a swift time frame of just 20 minutes. This impressive feat has been officially recognized and registered in Kalam’s World Records, solidifying its place as a monumental achievement.

The bustling city of Madurai served as the backdrop for this extraordinary endeavor, which unfolded at the prestigious Cosmopolitan Hotel. The event not only highlighted the skill and expertise of the participating beauticians but also showcased the power of collaboration and unity.

Under the guidance and leadership of J. Kalaiselvi, the President of the Tamilnadu Beauticians Educational Welfare Association, the team embarked on a journey to set a new world record. The challenge was no small feat: to execute a bridal face make-up for as many participants as possible, all within the incredibly tight timeframe of just 20 minutes.

The air was charged with excitement as the talented team of beauticians worked in synchrony, their nimble fingers working their magic to transform each participant into a radiant bride. The atmosphere was a blend of dedication, skill, and shared ambition to make history. As the final moments of the countdown ticked away, the result was nothing short of extraordinary.

In an exhilarating climax, the team successfully completed the makeover for over 150 participants within the designated 20-minute window. This awe-inspiring achievement is a testament to the collective effort and unwavering determination of all involved. It’s a celebration not only of artistic skill but also of the spirit of unity that can drive people towards achieving the extraordinary.

The accomplishment stands as a testament to J. Kalaiselvi’s vision, the commitment of the Beauticians Educational Welfare Association, and the dedication of the talented beauticians who brought their expertise to the fore. Their achievement has been immortalized in Kalam’s World Records, a renowned institution that celebrates remarkable feats.

As the news of this incredible feat spreads, J. Kalaiselvi’s name is indelibly associated with excellence, innovation, and the indomitable spirit of Tamil Nadu. This record-breaking accomplishment is a resounding reminder that with vision, teamwork, and determination, boundaries can be pushed and milestones achieved.

J. Kalaiselvi’s leadership, along with the collective efforts of the talented beauticians, has etched a new chapter in the world of records. Their achievement is more than a record; it’s a testament to what can be accomplished when people come together with a shared goal and unwavering determination.

? In a jaw-dropping event held at the iconic Cosmopolitan Hotel, Madurai, a group of over 150+ skilled beauticians came together to attempt something truly extraordinary. They aimed to create the maximum number of face bridal make-ups in a mind-bogglingly short span of 20 minutes! ??

? This was more than just a makeover. It was a showcase of unity, expertise, and a shared vision to break records while making the world more beautiful, one face at a time. With precision, coordination, and sheer talent, this team worked magic on over 150 faces, each transformed into radiant bridal visions.

? Save the Date: August 8, 2023
? We’re thrilled to announce that this phenomenal achievement has been officially registered in Kalam’s World Records. J. Kalaiselvi and her team have left an indelible mark on the global stage of accomplishments.

? Let’s celebrate the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and pushing boundaries! ? #BeautyBeyondLimits
? Venue: Cosmopolitan Hotel, Madurai
? Registered: Kalam’s World Records

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