Born on 19-05-2017 from Trivandrum, Kerala, India. He has created a New World Record by Identifying a Maximum Number of Cartoon Characters Identified in the Least Time of 1 Minute Total of 54 Characters, Also Reciting State and Capitals of India, District of Kerala, Days of the Week, Moths of the Year, 7 Continents, Vowels, Solar System, Rainbow Colours, National Symbols- 27, Opposite Words- 28, Action Verbs- 30, Animals and Their Young Ones-17, Body Parts- 26, Famous Cartoon Characters- 98, Catholic Saints-8, Traffic symbols- 10, Shapes- 19, Colours-13, Animals- 35, Water animals- 14, Birds- 13, Insects- 11, Fruits- 13, Vegetables- 15, Flowers- 8, Vehicles- 11, Helpers- 9, Festivals- 6, Game & Sports- 11, Dress- 9. He set a New World Record Dated
on 31-07-2021.This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records