U Mohamed Zayan
Born on 22-11-2021 From Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. 11 Months Baby Has Created a New World Record ( Global Glam Up) Exhibits 20 Collection of Culture, Tribal, Religious, Tradition, Celebration, Great Leaders, Sports, Nature, Social Impacts, Creative & Plenty of Ideas Across the World in Apparel Clique and Vedios Inclusive Short Note to Society in 4 Days. Ex: ▪︎emphasis Humanity (Dress Made With Flags of India & Pakistan) for Togetherness.
Attire Made of Plastic Wrappers, Cigarettes, Spoons, Straws (to Stop Using Plastics, Cigarettes) Dress Made by Facemask (to Stay Away From Diseases)
Indigenous Clothing( Represents Tribal Culture) Dress Made by Newspaper (Insisting Value of Reading) Attire Made of Leaves( Insisting Kalam Sir Note ”plant More Trees”) Pow Wow Wear (Gathering of First Nations) He Has Set a New World Record Dated 21-10-2022. This Achievement is Registered in Kalams World Records.