Kayal KS
Born on 04-01-2021 From Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India. She is Appreciated for Her Talent by Identifying Leaders of India, National Symbols, Professions, Fruits, Vegetables, Colours, Shapes, Flowers, Objects, Birds, Animals, Vehicles, Does Montessori Activities Like Pouring Water Without Spilling, Transferring Grains to Cup, Peeling Garlic, Baby Corn, Peas, Scooping, Solves Puzzles, Unlocking, Spices Sorting, Pounding and Performs Yoga. We at Kalam’s World Records Are Appreciating Her Talent, Honouring Her on Stage With Big Applause, and Looking Forward to Her Future Stepping Stones.
Achievement Date 27-03-2023.
This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.