Evan Sanio.B
Born on 14-03-2019 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. He is Appreciated for His Talent by Identifying and Reciting100 Countries Flags, 34 Animals and 20 Birds, 19 Fruits and 21 Vegetables and 16 Flowers, 16(Insects, Reptiles and Amphibians)and 15 Sea Creatures,15 Shapes and 12 Colours,17 Body Parts, Indian Currency, 21 Vehicles,17 Helpers, 16 Computer Parts and Peripherals, Counting 1 to 100, Reciting the Months of Year, Days of Week, 8 Planets, 7 Continents,14 Districts of Kerala, 28 States of India, 7 Wonders of the World, 35 Important Personalities, Answering 61 Gk Questions. We at Kalam’s World Records Are Appreciating His Talent, Honouring Him on Stage With Big Applause, and Looking Forward to His Future Stepping Stones. Achievement Date 10-12-2022. This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.