A.V. Reyaann Sai
Born on 12-12-2020 From Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. He Has Created a New World Record by Identifying and Reciting Alphabets a to Z , Numbers 1 to 20, Tamil 247 Letters, Sounds of Animals and Birds 15, Thirukkural- 8, English Rhymes-6, Tamil Rhymes-5, Slokas-4, and Identifying Below 225 Flashcards in 7 Minutes and 24 Seconds: Types of Balls-14, Types of Bikes-11, Community Helpers-15, Actions-15, Car Logos-15, Wild Animals-16, Tamil Words – 31, Cartoon Characters 15,
Parts of the Body 25, Colours 15, Sports Personalities 11, Social Media Logos 12, Vegetables 15, Fruits 3, Automobiles 12. He Can Say Names of 100+ Household Items and Identify and Say Names of 100+ People He Met. He Has Set a New World Record Dated 09-11-2022. This Achievement is Registered in Kalams World Records.