Karuna S Muttal
Born on 12-09-2020 From Koppal, Karnataka, India Is Appreciated for Her Talent by Identifying and Reciting Stationary Items 16, Farm and Pet Animals 14, Body Parts 9, Vehicles 12, Animals 14, Things at Home 13, General Things 10, Bird’s 10, Cosmetics 11, Kitchen Thing’s 9, Family Members 7, Hero’s of Karnataka 6, National Leaders 4, Action Cards 18, Vegetables 9, Fruits 12, Sea Animals 9, Baby Objects and Toys 13, Food’s and Teasty Items 10, Imitating Animal and Bird’s Sound 5, Country Flags 4, Sun, Moon Earth, Actions 6. As We Kalam’s World Records Appreciating Her Talent and Honouring Her in the Stage of Big Applause and for Her Future Stepping Stone.
Achievement Dated 22-03-2022.
This Achievement Is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.