Born on 24-02-2018 From Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. She Has Created a New World Record by Reciting Capitals for 28 States and 8 Union Territories in 40 Secs and Also Reciting
Alphabets a to Z, Numbers 1 to 100 in English,1 to 50 in Tamil and 1 to 10 in Hindi, Tamil Letters,7 Days of a Week in Both English and Tamil, Months Names in Both English and Tamil, Devotional Slogan, Fruits -5, Vegetables -5, Flowers -5, Animals-5, Shapes-4, Seven Continents, Rhymes -1, Human Parts -11, National Leaders -18, National Symbols of India -18, 28 States of India and 8 Union Territories, Our Country, State and District Name. She Set a New World Record Dated 18-07-2021. This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records