S B Vijayarama Gupta,
born on 18/02/2018 from Anantapur, India is appreciated for his talent of
Blindfold identification of 45 random objects, Identifies 36 different professions, 16 different computer parts, 12 different festivals, 11 animals and their young ones, 14 birds, 20 wild animals, 22 domestic animals, 13 aquatic animals, 9 insects, 28 vegetables, 27 fruits, 14 vehicles, 17 body parts, 11 colors, 10 shapes, can tell Latin name of 7 Ayurvedic herbs, Bharatanatyam – drushti beda, Bhru beda, greeva beda, recites 11 rhymes, 10 Sanskrit shlokas, months of Hindu calendar, days of the paksha, planets name, months of the year, days of a week, 10 national symbols, 20 opposites, basic traffic signal rules. As we Kalam’s World Records appreciating his talent and honoring him in the stage of big applause and for his future stepping stone.
Achievement Dated on 19-04-2021.
This achievement is registered in Kalam’s World Records.