Born on 28-04-2017 from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India is appreciated for his talent by Identifying and Reciting Names of 14 districts of Kerala, 28Indian states & their capitals, 8 Union territories and their capitals in alphabetical order, 15+ countries currency identification & their capitals, 18+ electrical tools identification, 13 parts of the body, 15 shapes, 20+ GK, say the related facts about India & Kerala, one moral story, 6 rhymes say the rainbow colors in order, sense organs & function, directions, days in a week & months in a year (names), computer parts identification & see how to restart & shut down, draw color the picture in Ms paint, Solar System planets names & related facts. As we Kalam’s World Records appreciating his talent and honoring him in the stage of big applause and for his future stepping stone. Achievement Dated 12-12-2021. This achievement is registered in Kalam’s World Records.