Born on 23-02-2019 from Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, India.She has created a new world record by Identifying and Reciting Solar System 9, Months of the year 12, Days of the week 7, Basic Writing 5, Emotions 8, Aathichoodi 12 lines, Seasons 4, Animals 12Tastes 6, National Leaders12, Sea Animals 4, Festivals 4, Parts of the body18, Actions 16, Farm Animals6, Continents 7, Directions 4, English Rhymes 9, Tamil Rhymes 4, Tamil Months 12, Tamil Vowels 12, Tamil Consonants 18, States of India28, Oceans 5, Uses of Sense Organs5, Story Telling Tamil-1. She has set a new world record dated 24-12-2021. This Achievement is registered in Kalams world records.