born on 21-11-2019 from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.She has created a new world record by identifying and RecitingA to Z alphabets, Responds appropriately to questions like her name, her father and mother names, her ambitions 100 objects,50 actions words, traffic signal, and rules to be followed, Five Sensory organs, 15 Transport vehicles, 25 Body parts20 Vegetables,12 Fruits, 15 Farm animal,10 Colours,7 Shapes,10 professions, birds and animals phonic sounds, Shows various expressions like happiness, sad, Excitement and so on, Articulates the Days in a week and Months in a Year, 5 rhymes, Performs action for more than 15 rhymes, Hindi alphabets. She set a new world record dated on 17-06-2021. This achievement is registered in Kalam’s World Records.