Born on 25-4-2018 from Malappuram, Kerala, India is appreciated for her talent by Identifying and Reciting 239 countries flags include territories within 3 minutes 32 seconds,29 states and their capital of India within 56 seconds, planets in 3 seconds, answering 80 gk questions within 7 minutes 8 seconds in English.14 Indian prime ministers name within 14 seconds,42 animals, 22 birds, 15 insects, 42 fruits, 47 vegetables within 5 minutes in English,28 human body parts in English within 1 minute 21 seconds, 16 English nursery rhymes within 4 minutes 48 seconds,17 shapes in English within 42 seconds,12 colours name in English within 38 seconds,10 flowers name in English within 14 seconds,21 internal organs names in English within 1 minute 18 seconds, 14 districts of Kerala within 31 seconds, English alphabets writing within 1 minute 25 seconds, Quran 15 chapters surah and ayathulqursy. As we Kalam’s World Records appreciating her talent and honoring her in the stage of big applause and for her future stepping stone. Achievement Dated 14-11-2021. This achievement is registered in Kalam’s World Records.