Born on 05-11-2017 from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He has created a New World Record by Identifying and Reciting Country Flags, Storybook, Opposites, Geometric Shapes, Dasavatharam of Vishnu, Planets, Quiz, Greetings in International languages, Indian Festivals, Spotting Occupation of Helpers, Months, National leaders, Animal, and Their Babies, Rainbow Colors, Days, Seasons, Foods, Body Parts, Tamil Months, Birds, Sports, Transports, Vegetables, Mathematical Signs, Action words, National Anthem, Tamil Thirukkural, Sanskrit Slokas, Hindi Rhymes, Hindi Counting 1-10, Reading sentences on his own, Performing Yogas, Planet Quiz, Alphabets with Phonics, Zodiac Rasi. He has set a New World Record Dated on 31-10-2021. This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.