Born on 30-06-2020 from kochi, Kerala, India. He has created a new world record by Identifying and Reciting Animals-29,Birds-13,Flowers-13,Vegetables-16,Fruits-15,Musical instruments -7,Political Leaders-9,Colours-7,Food items-4,Insects-11,Cartoon characters -5,Vehicles-9,electronic devices -12,Body parts-11,Personal items-11,Sea animals-17,Household items-18,Covid precaution items-5,Wonders of world-7,Community helpers-14,Planets-9,,Animal sounds-6,Gestures-13,Internal Organs – 10,Ramayana characters- 8,Various professionals- 5,Household items(part 2)-5,Different trees- 6.He has set a new world record Dated on 20-10-2021. This Achivement is registered in Kalam’s World Records.