Born on 31-01-2019 from Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India. She has created a New World Record by Identifying and Reciting Domestic and pet animals 16,Wild animals 18,Birds 24,Sea animals 13,Insects 12,Animals and their homes 11,Animals cries 12,Animals and their young ones 12,Flowers 14,Fruits 25,Vegetables 27,Vehicles 25,Parts of the body 29,Clothes 22,My toys 15,Foods 33,Good habits 11,Indoor games 13,Outdoor games 13,Colours 12,Shapes 12,In the classroom 24,On the street 10,Bathroom articles 27,Drawing and dining room 21,At the railway station 14,At the circus 12,Amusement Park 9,Birthday party 14,My family 8,Public places 15,House hold articles 23,Musical instruments 24,Festivals 14,Action words 50,Our helpers 31,Places of worship 7,Sources of water 9,Seasons and weather 13,Opposite words 25,National symbols 24,Days of the week 7,Our great leaders 36,Internal parts of human body 10,Types of houses 12,Electrical appliances 11,Means of communications 11,Regional dresses 9,Continents of the world 7,Planets of the universe 8,Wonders of the modern world 7,Ancient wonders of the world 11,Monuments of India 14,Inventors and scientist 18, Super heroes 9,World leaders 4,Yoga asanas 15,Our money 15,Sports personalities India 9,Sports personalities world 9,Famous characters and their creators 6,Rooms of the house 7,Trees 11,Cereals 7,Maps 32,Nuts 16,Seeds 11,Tools 13,Flags of different countries 73,A for arrow to Z for zero 26,Gemstones 10,Jewelry 10,Numbers 1 to 10 English (10)Telugu (10)Marathi (10) Tamil (10),sentences 8,Aa to Zz alphabets 26,Good manners 6,Rhymes 27, Hathi raja (Hindi poem), Aaloo bhola. (Hindi poem), Gaadi aayi gaadi aayi(Hindi poem), Mummy ki roti ( Hindi poem), Machli Jal ki rani ( Hindi poem), Chanda mama (Hindi poem), Bharish aayi cham cham (Hindi poem), aasai (Tamil poem), Thanjavuru bommai (Tamil poem),bommaiyamma ( Tamil poem), Amma inge vava (Tamil poem), Thallu vandi (Tamil poem), mambalamam mambalam (Tamil poem)London bridge, English poem), teddy bear(English poem), ring a ring a roses (English poem), I hear thunder t through so are you. (English poem), Johny Johny (English poem), abcd (English poem), Wheels on the bus go (English poem), bits of paper (English poem), chubby cheeks. ( English poem), Rain rain go (English poem), Twinkle twinkle little star (English poem), Yere yere (Marathi poem), Sasa Sasa (Marathi poem), naach re mora ambyachya vanant) ( Marathi poem), The lord’s prayer 1, Story-fox and the grapes 1, Table-1. She has set a New World Record Dated on 22-10-2021. This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.