Born on 05-06-2019 from Kozhikode, Kerala, India. She has created a new world record by Identifying and Reciting 12 capitals of india, weeks names ,months names & GK ,9-public places , 7-sports, 6-internal organs of human, solar system, 13-Professional, 15 Gadgets, 15-Fruits, 20-Action, 21-Animal, 17 Body parts, 12-Birds, 10 Famous personality of India , 16-Vegetables , 8-Historical place, 5-Computer parts, 14-Nature, 5- Parts of a plant, 6-Festival’s, 9-Musical instruments, 10-Kitchen utensils, 13-School stationary, 26-Objects in English alphabet book, 4-Place of worship, 13-Flag, 12-Logos, 14- Medical instruments, 16- Vehicles, Imitating sounds of 5- animal,5-birds,3-vehicle,Solving A-Z puzzles, 1- 20 puzzle. She set a new world record dated on 09-09-2021. This achievement is registered in Kalam’s World Records.