Born on 13-10-2018 from Bangalore, Karnataka, India is Appreciated for his talent by Identifying and Reciting 60-Animals, 11-Water Animals, 31-Birds, 11-Insects, 21-Flowers, 35-Vehicles, 41-Vegetables, 45-Fruits, 8-DryFruits, 7-Continents, 7-Wonders of The World, 12-Solar System, 26-Body Parts, 19-Shapes, 11-Internal Organs, 25-Action Words, 24-Musical Instruments, 36-Famous Personalities, 7 days of the week, 1-20 Numbers, A-Z Phonics Sounds. As we Kalam’s World Records Appreciating his Talent and Honoring him in the stage of big Applause and for his Future Stepping Stone. Achievement Dated on 15-10-2021. This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.