Born on 23-11-18 From Bangalore, Karnataka, India Is Appreciated for Her Talent for Reciting 10 Flags of Asian Countries, 10 Indian States Capitals, English Alphabets Words, 17 Action Words, 34 Animals Names, 6 Chess Pieces, 5 Insects, Weeks, Months, 15 Food and Beverages, 5 Games Name, 10 Shapes, 15 Vehicles, 20 Vegetables, 5 National Symbols, 15 Parts of Body, Phonic Words A-Z, 5 Trees Name, 10 Books Name, 10 Fruits Name, Numbers 1-20, Self Introduction, Seasons, Clothes Vocabulary, Electrical Appliances, 9 Types of Whether, 20 Makeup Accessories, She Knows More Than 30 Rhymes in English. as We Kalam’s World Records Appreciating Her Talent and Honoring Her in the Stage of Big Applause and for Her Future Stepping Stone. This Achievement Dated on 10-08-2021. This Achievement Is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.