Born on 29-09-2019 From Kollam, Kerala, India. He has created a New World Record by Identifying and Reciting 20-Birds, 40-Animals, 6-Indian Dances, 11-Colors, 20-Fruits, 40-Animals, 23-Vegetables, English Alphabets With a Word, Malayalam Vidyarambha, Translates to Regional Language or Vice Versa to English of 40-Objects, Babies of 8-Animals, Sings National Anthem and Gayathri Mantram, 24- Body Parts, 16-Vehicles, 15-Famous Personalities of India,6-Famous International Personalities, 8-Indian Condiments, 6-Nursery Rhymes. He set a New World Record Dated on 29-08-2021. This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.