Deva Nandha K S
Born on 23/12/2022 in Palakkad, Kerala, India. She is Appreciated for Her Talent for Identifying and Reciting Animals 7, Parts of the Body 8, Vegetables 5, Birds & Insects 3, Fruits 3, Colours 4, Action Words 23, Sounds 5, Home Appliances 4, Study Materials 5, Uses of Things 17, Snacks 5, Toys 22, Daily Using Items & Clothes 23, Objects 17, Cleaning Items 5, Others 37 at the Tender Age of 1 Year and 6 Months. We at Kalam’s World Records Appreciate Her Talent, Honoring Her on Stage With Big Applause, and Looking Forward to Her Future Stepping Stones. Achievement Date 19-06-2024. This Achievement is Recognized by Kalam’s World Records.