Born on 30-01-2017 from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. He has created a new world record by Identifying and Reciting 13 former Indian Presidents Names in order,15 former Indian Prime Ministers names in order,12 Former Kerala Chief Ministers names in order,35 Indian Renaissance Leaders,25 famous Scientists who made the various invention, capitals of 28 Indian States, Capitals of 30 Important countries, 14 Districts of Kerala in order, 7 World’s Continent’s & 7 Holy Rivers &8 planets in the solar system according to the distance from the sun,9 Indian Personalities who have won the Nobel Prize so far in the order in which they received, numbers from 1 to 100 fluently in English, 1 to 10 in Hindi &1 to 10 in Arabic,12 months of year and days of the week in order, colours of Rainbow(7), primary colours(3), Secondary colours(3), Olympic Rings Colours(5) and colours in National Flag(3) heritage of our nation, 27 National symbols, The Pledge, The National Anthem of India, 50 Gk, 25 Famous Indian Personalities by seeing images, 20 Opposite words(Antonyms)30 Animal Habitats, 21 Animal sounds and names of 17 young ones, 20 Important Asian Landmarks, flags of 70 countries, names of 22 Important Books and tell exactly who wrote them, state animals of 28 Indian States, currencies of 30 Countries,36 Countries. He set a New World Record Dated on 08-09-2021. This Achievement is Registered in Kalam’s World Records.