M. Barani Elankumaran
Born on 18-11-2021 in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. He is Appreciated for His Talent for Identifying and Reciting, Alphabet 26, Transports 20, Vegetables 11, Fruits 11, Parts of the Body 10, Domestic Animals 10, Foods 15, Rhymes 6, Wild Animals 12, Birds and Insects 18, Habits 6, District Famous 10, Animal Sounds 5, Colours 10, General Things 20, Numbers 10, Home Appliances 12, Professions 10, Total 222 Words. We at Kalam’s World Records Are Appreciating His Talent, Honouring Him on Stage With Big Applause, and Looking Forward to His Future Stepping Stones. Achievement Date 19-03-2024. This Achievement is Recognized by Kalam’s World Records.