10 Hours Perpetual Awareness on Prevention and Management of Stomach Cancer Through Mime Show


πŸŽ‰ Breaking News: Vijaya College of Nursing Sets a World Record in Health Awareness! 🌍

In a groundbreaking initiative, Vijaya College of Nursing in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, has etched its name in history by successfully organizing a 10-hour perpetual awareness event on the prevention and management of stomach cancer through an enthralling Mime Show! 🎭

πŸ‘₯ Team Effort, Community Impact: With an enthusiastic team comprising both students and dedicated teachers, the college achieved a milestone with a record-breaking 350+ participants actively involved in this unique endeavor. The collaborative effort reflects a strong commitment to community health and education.

πŸ“… Date to Remember: On the memorable date of 30-11-2023, Vijaya College of Nursing captivated audiences for 10 continuous hours, creating awareness about the critical aspects of stomach cancer prevention and management.

πŸ† Registered in Kalam’s World Record: This incredible achievement has not gone unnoticed! The record has been officially recognized and registered in Kalam’s World Record, adding prestige and recognition to the college’s efforts in health education and community engagement.

🌐 Global Impact: By utilizing the power of mime, a universal language, the college aimed to make crucial health information accessible and engaging. Stomach cancer awareness took center stage for an extended duration, ensuring a comprehensive understanding among participants and viewers.

🀝 Congratulations to Vijaya College: We applaud the visionary leadership, dedicated students, and supportive teachers for their outstanding contribution to health awareness. This event not only sets a world record but also exemplifies the college’s commitment to making a positive impact on society.

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